Biss Marine - Watersports


Wakeboarding is the coolest of all the tow watersports it was developed from a combination of water skiingsnowboarding, and surfing techniques but has now grown up enough to have its own unique culture.

The flat, protected waters around Amwaj provide the perfect area to learn and improve your skills. BISS Marine’s BWSW Level 2 Coach is fully qualified to take you from never having seen a board before to boosting huge air off the wake. All the time working along the BWSW’s world leading progressive syllabus.

Lessons take place behind our custom built Axis A20 Wakeboarding Boat, this “little monster” can go from a minimum wave setting to throwing out a wake the pros are happy with in a matter of seconds due to its innovative Auto-Set Wedge. All this while providing comfortable seating for up to 8 passengers.