Biss Marine - Services


  • Yacht Management

  • Looking after a large boat or yacht can be a time consuming job. We have a team who will valet your boat as required and arrange maintenance if needed. Why not just show up and jump straight on board your boat. We will handle the refueling, water supply and anything else you need to make your time afloat as carefree as possible.

    Please contact us for details on this and any other service you require.

    Yacht management includes:
    • Cleaning all sea water strainers.
    • Cleaning the boat inside and outside.
    • Parking & Fueling.
    • Boat Inspections and repair.
    • Activity Logging.

  • Yacht Delivery (Around The GCC)

  • Buying a boat overseas? Need to bring it to Bahrain? Contact us for details and suggestions on how best to arrange this. Capt. Nabeel is experienced in boating around the gulf and is happy to arrange boat delivery within the GCC.

  • Yacht Maintenance

  • Maintenace of Yachts and boats....

    Yacht maintenance and repairs include:
    • Anti-fouling.
    • Boat polishing.
    • Fiberglass.
    • A/C Maintenance.
    • Mechanicals.
    • Boat lifting.
    • Boat Transportation.