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RYA Dinghy Sailing

Possibly the quickest and easiest way to learn to sail. Small boats are easy to handle and generally light to launch and transport. Learn to sail on your own in a single handed boat or with a crew.

What is a dinghy?

A small, light boat that you generally rig ashore and launch every time you go sailing. Because of this, dinghies are easily transportable but also prone to capsizing! They are great fun to sail with an immediate response. However, there are some types of boats and also conditions where you will need to be quick and agile to balance the boat. If you don't mind ending up in the water occasionally, dinghies might be just the thing for you.

Our Sailing Schemes are a series of two-day courses for anyone wanting to learn in dinghies. The courses are completed in small dinghies and Instructors sign off each skill as you complete them.

To make the most of our courses, ensure you are confident with the skills of one course before moving on to the next course. Most courses are a minimum of two days long (or an equivalent number of short sessions). They may be run over a longer period, especially if you haven't sailed since your last course. Sailing is a sport which gets better with practice, and you should try to sail between courses whenever you can. Practice makes perfect!


As this course is running regularly, you can either call to check availability or book on-line using our booking form. Course is not confirmed until paid in full. Please see the booking form for terms and conditions.

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Individual Person Price  :  BHD 200/-

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