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Discover Scuba Diving

This is designed for people who are fascinated about diving and would like to give it a try. Here you can do your first scuba dive before committing yourself to a full Open Water Course. This allows you to have your first dive within minutes of signing up. Here students will be required to watch a short video or a quick oral session with an instructor where the fundamental skills will be explained followed by a short session in confined water where students will learn how to master five (5) basic self rescue skills then be able to enjoy a safe fun supervised dive with an instructor.

Scuba Diver Course

This course is ideal for persons with limited time but will like to earn an entry-level dive certification. This will enable the individual to dive where they travel under the supervision of a P.A.D.I. Professional. This entails two (2) open water dives along with three (3) confined sessions. Students will also be required to complete the first three (3) chapters in the open water manual. At any point in the future you can then upgrade to the full Open Water Diver certification by simply completing the remaining chapters in the Open Water Manual then completing confined sessions four and five then open water dives four and five.

Open Water Diver Course

This certification allows you to dive independently, not only will you learn the fundamentals of diving but also how to plan and execute safe and enjoyable dives. This involves self study where students read and complete the knowledge reviews then undergo training which includes five confined dives and four open water dives. Students will also have to complete a short swim as part of certification requirements.

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