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We provide tailor made dive excursions to a wide variety of dive sites best suited to our clients skill level and experience. We do trips to all the popular dive sites, and to some of the more secluded and further afield dives as well as artificial reefs not visited by other dive operators.

Our staff does regular scout dives looking for new and exciting dive sites to provide our guests with the best experience they can have in our waters. We pride ourselves in catering to our clients' needs to best meet our customers expectations.

Sleepy Turtle

Located approximately 16.2 nautical miles North East of Bahrain, these rock encrusted reefs offer a perfect location for newly certified divers and experienced divers alike. About 10 meters deep this site provides a haven for a wide variety of marine life, from Hamour to sherry, Yennem and many other species. You will also see turtles, from which it gets its name. Home to three green turtles you can almost be guaranteed dive alongside one of these noble creatures.

Sherry Hole

This site is named for being the home of some of the largest Sherrys ever seen by divers. However, they are excellent at playing hide and seek so you must have a keen eye and not be afraid to take a peek into all the cracks and crevasses, so taking a torch won't be a bad idea. Keep looking all around and you might have a shoal of Andag on your side.

Cudda wreck

Located approx. 12.2 nautical miles north of Bahrain, it provides a sanctuary for shoals of barracuda as it's the perfect feeding place for them with a wide variety of smaller fish. This wreck is approximately 30meters long, and filled with marine life.

Boom Wreck

For more experienced divers, boom wreck is at approx. 20 meters deep and 18 meters long. Here you must be vigilant, as you have shoals of fish approaching from all directions. We can see Giant Trevally among other types of Trevally, kingfish, huge Barracudas, Hamour, Yenem and other uncountable species. As this is also a perfect feeding ground for bigger species and a nursery for smaller fish. Often visited by many types of rays and occasionally turtles, you never know what you may see.

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