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Children's Diving Courses

Bubble Maker

This is good way for children to experience scuba diving in a pool in less than 6 feet of water. (e.g.) have an exciting bubble maker party to celebrate a birthday with friends (Age 8+). Here kids would learn the basics about scuba diving and all the equipment involved and their uses. Their limitations will be throughly explained to them before they take part in supervised activities in shallow water in a pool.

Seal Team

This is for young divers who are looking for action packed fun in a pool by doing exciting Scuba Aqua Missions. It also provides parents with a structured programme that lets children develop skills, learn about the aquatic environment and have a lot of good clean fun. In the P.A.D.I seal team students will take part in five (5) aqua missions where they will begin to learn how to master their skills and be provided with the foundation for them to be proficient divers as they continue in their diving endeavours.

Junior Open Water

For kids 10-14, they can take the P.A.D.I full open water course and upon completion will gain Junior Open Water certification with certain age limitations for scuba diving. In this program students will take part in five (5) confined sessions and four open water dives where they will master their skills as young divers then be issued a full open water certificate at the age of fifteen (15).

Junior Advanced Open Water Dive

Young people can continue the adventure and build their skills by taking the Advanced Open Water Course (12-14). Here students will execute five (5) dives, all in different dive environments or conditions two of which are compulsory,(Deep and Navigation) then choose three other types of dives they would like to gain experience in such as boat diving, fish identification dives, or search and recovery just to name a few.

Junior Rescue Diver

Where young diver rises to the challenge and learns how to master new skills in the P.A.D.I Rescue Diver Course.ere they will take part in ten (10) rescue exercises in open water, two rescue scenarios, learn how to prepare emergency assistance plan and learn the different methods to efficiently provide oxygen someone in need.

Junior Master Scuba Diver

Young diver ages 12-14 can continue building experience and explore unique diving environment on their way to the Master Scuba Diver Rating. Here students will undergo training in five (5) PADI specialty courses of their choice in order to achieve this prestigious rating as a young diver.

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